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Corporate Information
To become the number one global company through the development of high-frequency dielectric heating technology
About Yamamoto Vinita Co., Ltd.

Pride as a manufacturer of products "Made in Japan"
Detailed information on Yamamoto Vinita, a manufacturer of high-frequency dielectric heating equipment that has been developing the world's top-level technologies and improving them, is provided here.

  • Top Message

    A proposal made by Yasuji Yamamoto, the president of Yamamoto Vinita Co., Ltd., for the new era of high-frequency dielectric heating

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  • Corporate philosophy

    We will continue to be a "company trusted by society" for more 100 years. What are the company's motto and corporate philosophy?

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  • Corporate Overview

    Since its establishment in 1953, Yamamoto Vinita has been committed to improving high-frequency dielectric heating technology. Always moving one step forward. Information on Yamamoto Vinita, which has been devoting itself to high-frequency dielectric heating technology, is presented here.

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  • Product Quality

    Yamamoto Vinita is a company certified by an international quality management assessment/registration system. Our quality policies are presented here.

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