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Corporate Philosophy
Yamamoto Vinita will continue to be flexible and keep changing to survive for more 100 years.

Things that do not change
Corporate Motto: “Always moving one step forward”

Starting from an anonymous small vinyl wholesale business in 1953, we have grown to the present YAMAMOTO VINITA thanks to the spirit of “Always moving one step forward”, which we have always cherished. Our history has been one of continuous trials and errors, one challenge after another. We have always held our customers’ needs as a top priority and surmounted difficulties by working with them. We believe that we can achieve steady results regardless of how the times may change by always making slight but sure progress, like stacking bricks.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Since our establishment, we have made advances by solid management and flexibility based on it. We are resolved to continue growing with this principle in mind.

Aspiring to be a Centenarian Company
Things that continue to change

If a business enterprise is compared to a tree, sensitiveness to the environment is the “root” that determines its life-span. It must also extend branches and leaves freely without setting restrictions, such as “We have to stick to this” or “We should always be this way”. We will continue to adapt ourselves to environmental changes by improving our businesses and organization.