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Technological development to create innovative, high-value-added products

Since its establishment in 1953, Yamamoto Vinita has developed and produced dielectric heating processing equipment using high-frequency waves and microwaves for more than 60 years. We are proud of our passion for "design and manufacturing" and the uniqueness of our products, technologies, and services, which are second to none.

Although Yamamoto Vinita is a company committed to dielectric heating using high-frequency waves and microwaves, we also need to develop technologies required in related fields to produce high-value-added products, based on dielectric heating technology. We believe that we can develop or produce high-value-added dielectric heating technology and equipment solely by incorporating "mechatronics", "sensing", and "software" technologies.

At the Yao Factory, which is positioned as a design and manufacturing center that has integrated the sections of testing, development, design, and production, each product is designed and assembled according to the needs of individual customers.

We have established a new "product development center" within the Yao Factory to provide customers with necessary support to "accomplish results in their businesses" in the future. Specialized teams deployed at the center conduct market and technological surveys, and develop element technologies and new products of the next generation. The center is expected to develop numbers of concepts for new products.

As a "ONLY ONE" company required by society, Yamamoto Vinita is determined to become a "small but strong", world's top level high-value-added company.