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Yao Factory, a base for the minds of employees to create the world's top-level products
Integrates technology, production, and quality to become a global leader

Two pillars" of the Design and Manufacturing Center (Yao Factory)

  • Spirit of Design and Manufacturing

    We are proud of our unique products, technologies, quality, and services, and are committed to Design and Manufacturing.

    > What is Yamamoto Vinita's Design and Manufacturing?

    Product Quality

    Yamamoto Vinita has acquired ISO9001 and ISO13485 certifications (for medical equipment) and become certified by an international QMS (quality management system) for screening and registration.

    Technical development

    Yamamoto Vinita devotes itself to the development of dielectric heating technologies using high-frequency waves and microwaves, and continues to improve its world-class technologies.

    Product development center

    Yamamoto Vinita aims to develop the highest-quality and most desired products, rather than extensions of existing products or their improvements.

    After-sales support/maintenance

    We provide reliable product support for a long period of time following delivery, so that customers will become satisfied with the introduction of Yamamoto Vinita's products.

  • Technical development support

    We provide customers with support through the development of dielectric heating and peripheral technologies using high-frequency waves and microwaves, know-how, and knowledge to help them develop new products as well as processing and production technologies.

    > System to support customers' development

    Support for customers' development

    Development involves trial and errors. Yamamoto Vinita plans and conducts tests together with customers to provide support for their product development.

    Sales engineers

    The key to success is our sales engineers, who have expert knowledge in the plastic, wood, and food industries, as well as in other industries in which customers are involved and in specific objects to be heated.