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Yamamoto Vinita’s commitment to design and manufacturing
Spirit of Design and Manufacturing

Dielectric heating is a technology for “integration”, for which human power is essential.

The technological key words to express dielectric heating using high-frequency waves and microwaves are “technology for integration”, not technology solely for the assembling of components. It is technology that involves the creation of oscillators that generate high-frequency waves and microwaves, and application technology that involves the efficient and appropriate conveyance of generated energy to the worksite. These are advanced “integration technologies”, and only skilled and experienced engineers with expertise are able to develop and implement them. Effective heating can be only conducted through the integration of various technologies in manufacturing settings, including mechatronics and robotics technologies, software technology for overall control, and sensing technology to provide close-up views of objects to be heated.

Technologies required may vary significantly depending on the characteristics, form, and size of the object to be heated. In addition to research on body and cellular tissues and physiological effects for the development of medical equipment, our research fields also include “sound quality”, for the development of technology required for heating wood used to produce musical instruments, and “a sense of taste and texture”, for the development of technology required for heating food.

Yamamoto Vinita ensures that its products, regardless of whether they are custom- or ready-made products, suit individual customers.

The five senses of skilled engineers are essential for such integration. Integration cannot be accomplished without “sophisticated and advanced expertise”. Technologies that have been developed based on our experience of more than 60 years are unrivaled by those developed by other companies.

Yamamoto Vinita produces a variety of products in small quantities based on unrivaled technologies, rather than mass production. We are determined to continue to be the leader in global niche markets.