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Efforts to develop the most desired, highest-quality products
Product Development Center

Advance to develop new products

Yamamoto Vinita has been developing and producing industrial and medical equipment using dielectric heating technology for a long period of time. We are committed to design and manufacturing and have been producing world-class products, in which we take pride.

However, ideas developed by manufacturers tend to be “extensions of existing ones”. If we solely continue to revise existing machines and devices, we will only be left with out-of-date technologies, and unable to develop new products to fulfill the societal needs of the next generation. We have to keep this in mind.

As a company that leads the world with its technological capabilities, we value the idea of creating new products of the highest-quality that are desired and required by society.

To accomplish this goal, Yamamoto Vinita established a new product development center at its design and manufacturing center (Yao Factory). The product development center is a driving force for Yamamoto Vinita, the only company that cannot be replaced by another one in society, in the continuation of creating new high-value-added products.

Roles of the product development center

The product development center is an organization independent from both the manufacturing and sales divisions. Specialists and engineers of the center conduct market and technical surveys and develop element technologies to create new ideal products of the next generation.

The product development center has devoted itself to further improving “dielectric heating technology” - a core technology to heat objects through the oscillation of high-frequency waves and microwaves. In addition, the center conducts research to develop basic technologies, including “sensing, mechatronics, and software technologies”, in a balanced manner, and creates new products based on these latest high-level technologies.