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Provision of full support starting immediately after the introduction of products
After-sales support/maintenance

Yamamoto Vinita's support beyond repair services

As a manufacturer of heating equipment using high-frequency waves and microwaves, Yamamoto Vinita places an emphasis on after-sales support and maintenance.

The provision of after-sales support for equipment is initiated immediately after its delivery. It is very important for Yamamoto Vinita to provide full initial support for equipment that is delivered, so that its ability will be exercised and customers will be satisfied.

Both sales engineers, who provide customers with consultation services, and technical engineers, who manufactured the equipment, visit customers to provide explanations on the settings of equipment, methods for equipment use, and software condition settings for individual customers. Yamamoto Vinita visits customers and suggests specific solutions while holding discussions with them to help them maximize the effects of equipment.

It is also necessary to address the malfunctions of equipment and exchange components. Yamamoto Vinita operates systematically organized teams for after-sales support/maintenance consisting of sales and service engineers and those who produce equipment for factors to promptly provide follow-up services, including responses to emergency failures and regular maintenance services.

Furthermore, Yamamoto Vinita has multiple groups providing after-sales support and maintenance for specific industries, and staff members of each group, with expert knowledge of the industries in which individual customers are involved in as well as the specific objects to be heated, are able to examine a method to slove their problems.