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Original development of many technical platforms
Technical development

Experience in more than 40 industries

Yamamoto Vinita is a company specialized in the development, production, and sales of dielectric heating equipment, using high-frequency waves and microwaves, for industrial and medical uses.

Our products include medical equipment and machines for plastic, food, and wood processing, and they have been introduced in more than 40 industries and fields. Various technologies are required to heat objects used in different industries, such as thin plastic sheets, thick wood, large blocks of frozen meat, and human bodies with a delicate and complex structure, since their forms and characteristics significantly vary. Research to develop such technologies is more difficult than the production of the company’s standard products.

When viewed from the perspective of high-frequency and microwave oscillators, plastics, wood, food, and living organisms have completely different electrical characteristics. As heating continues, the electrical characteristics continue to change delicately or drastically. In the field of dielectric heating, it is essential to adapt dielectric heating equipment to heating technologies.

Two important points required to implement integration technologies

Yamamoto Vinita values two points to implement integration technologies. One of them is designing/technological development.
More than 50% of our employees have been deployed at the Design and Manufacturing Center (Yao Factory), where the technology, designing, and development sections have been integrated, for continuing technological development.

The second point is human power. No matter how excellent a developed control technology is, equipment that is useful for customers’ factories cannot be developed based on the control technology if you do not adapt equipment to the technology in the process of its production. Manufacturing specialists’ advanced skills and senses are essential.

There are no conveyor lines in the factories of Yamamoto Vinita. Engineer teams assemble each and every product customized according to the requests of customers. The spirit of an artisan has been breathed into products by Yamamoto Vinita, which is committed to manufacturing.

The creation of internationally recognized products that lead the world requires internationally recognized personnel that lead the world. Yamamoto Vinita aims to improve its technical level from the stage of human resource development with “One Step Ahead at All Times” - the corporate philosophy - in mind.