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To provide customers with satisfactory "results"
Technical development support

Improvements in productivity and quality as well as cost reduction

In fact, Yamamoto Vinita is not a company that solely produces devices and delivers them to customers. Our primary goal is to "provide customers' businesses with satisfactory results". Equipment developed by Yamamoto Vinita helps its customers improve their products innovatively.

Dielectric heating technology using high-frequency waves and microwaves allows more efficient heating to increase productivity and improve the quality of products. Wood dryers developed by Yamamoto Vinita deliver high-quality performance; they prevent wood and boards from cracking and warping, and finished products will have a slight scent of wood. Our thawing equipment provides its users with delicious food without drip loss.

Our products are designed to exert ripple effects, including production-rate increases, cost reductions due to increases in the rate of yield, resource conservation, and the development of safe and comfortable work environments for employees.

However, customers with no experience in dielectric heating have many inquiries: What frequency band is best suited for an object to be heated? What processing can be performed? What will the finished product be like?

Please feel free to consult us. Throughout its history of more than 60 years, Yamamoto Vinita has developed methods to heat all types of objects.
Our dielectric heating technology using high-frequency waves and microwaves provides the best solution for customers.