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Support including advice on optimal frequencies, heating conditions, and processing methods
Support for customer's development

History of difficult challenges and accomplishments

Yamamoto Vinita, committed to design and manufacturing, has taken on difficult challenges and accomplished concrete results.
Our wood-gluing technology used for the production of musical instruments satisfies strict standards for "sound quality". We also developed a technology for hyperthermia to selectively heat and eliminate only cancer tissues.

We have overcome difficulties by discussing customers' development goals with them and supporting them comprehensively. Yamamoto Vinita is a company committed to providing support for customers' product development.

We carefully listen to customers' requests regarding heating conditions and the states of heated products, and hold discussions with them to develop optimal heating methods.

We are able to provide suggestions from various aspects, including heating conditions, materials, and processing.

Yamamoto Vinita was established as a company to process PVC films, and it has also developed machines required for processing. In addition to the production of equipment, it has original processing technologies as well as comprehensive knowledge of materials, which are advantages that no other companies have.

Since Yamamoto Vinita has close relationships with manufacturers of materials, in the field of plastic processing in particular, it can suggest a wide variety of material options, including materials best suited for customers' goals and those that reduce costs and improve functions.

Regarding processing technology, we have obtained the knowledge required for faster and more stable processing through the development of tools according to the materials and purposes.

We are particularly specialized in thoroughly utilizing the characteristics of originally developed devices, including the settings of frequency bands and outputs according to the materials. We identify the most appropriate methods for our customers to fulfill their goals, based on our experience of customization for individual customers.

The ability of engineers to make a variety of suggestions facilitates customers' product and technical development.