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Profound knowledge of industries in which customers are involved and objects to be heated
Sales engineers

Technical staff members who develop products and listen to the voices of customers

Dielectric heating devices developed by Yamamoto Vinita are used in more than 40 industries.
In addition to standard types presented on our website, we develop and produce a significant variety of products to fulfill many different needs of customers.

Products customized to the needs of individual customers are assembled at the Design and Manufacturing Center (Yao Factory), which has no conveyor belts.

It is essential for us to thoroughly understand our customers, in terms of the types of industries, businesses, objects to be heated, processing required, and problems with conventional processing methods, to ensure that our products reflect their needs. Sales representatives without this information and knowledge cannot respond to the needs of customers even if they have knowledge of their products.

Yamamoto Vinita has organized multiple teams, consisting of sales engineers with comprehensive knowledge of specific industries and objects to be heated, to respond to customers from different industries. These sales engineers are also involved in the development of products as specialists in their respective fields.

As the sales engineers have experience in their respective industries, they have expert knowledge of the needs in these industries and the characteristics of objects to be heated. The sales engineers visit customers and attentively listen to them to identify the "key to successful results for the customer".

Yamamoto Vinita is able to provide customers with advice on heating conditions, frequencies, and instruments, based on the results of their reviews, due to the efforts made by these sales engineers.