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Yamamoto Vinita has been improving its technologies for more than 60 years as an equipment manufacturer, and its products are presented here.

Medical System

As a pioneer product for hyperthermia (for cancer treatment) and leading brand in Japan, "THERMOTRON-RF8 EX Edition" is used by many physicians and health care institutions.

Plastic processing equipment

Yamamoto Vinita's high-frequency welders have incorporated automatic tuning and many other systems to simplify various adjustment procedures for stable welding performance.

Food processing equipment

Yamamoto Vinita's dielectric heating technology helps conduct efficient food processing by applying heat to the center of food to increase its temperature to the preset level.

Wood processing equipment

The following is Yamamoto Vinita's lineup of high-frequency joining machines and dryers used in a variety of industries, including manufacturers of closets, system kitchens, and furniture for offices and stores.

Other heating/drying equipment

Both our high-frequency and microwave devices customized to the needs of customers are used in many different industries for a variety of purposes.