Plastic processing equipment Technical information
Yamamoto Vinita Original Technology

Our original technology controls and supports welding quality throughout the complete range of hybrid high-frequency welders.

■Standard Type

Hybrid high-frequency welders perform welding using hybrid heating by high frequency and a heater.
These welders incorporate the following five distinct functional systems to ensure that various adjustments can be made with ease and that strength is stable after welding. Customers will find that this new standard in welders offers new levels of safe and secure welding.

Auto-tuning System

Conventional current analog control has taken a great leap forward in the form of digital current control. This new auto-tuning system allows the welder to be set to any current value and controls even the meter rise speed to ensure stable strength after welding.

Touch Panel System

A touch panel control system has been developed for simpler and easier-to-understand operation, and allows the operator to perform a wide range of functions with ease. All operation menus are arranged at one central position on the panel and are operated by touching buttons to make input of processing conditions and other operations easier.

Digital Temperature Control System

Our welders incorporate industry-first digital technology for controlling heater temperature. With conventional temperature control, variations of more than ±10°C in temperature range cannot be avoided.
This system, however, realizes high-precision temperature control with a minimal variance of less than ±1°C.

High-sensitivity Spark Cutoff System

This system instantly cuts off sparks that sometimes occur in the high-frequency metal molds or in the oscillation circuit to minimize damage to welded film and the metal molds.

Safety System

This is a Yamamoto Vinita original safety mechanism. On the air-operated type, the non-pressurizing space can be set, while on the servo drive type, a torque sensor functions to ensure a safe and secure working environment.

■"Super Control" Type

This type offers welding conditions ideal for processing medical and other products that require high-precision welding quality. It utilizes a high-precision matching unit to achieve response speeds 20 times faster than those in conventional control systems and high-frequency output. And, naturally, the right response can be provided for sparks by high-speed cutoff of about 1/10 that of standard types.

High-frequency "Super Control"

In the control of high-frequency output (power control), bringing the monitor line (actual measured values) more closely to the desired preset line, as shown in the figure on the left, means that variances in welding quality can be suppressed to increase output uniformity. This is enabled by a new type of automatic tuning, a high-precision matching unit.

Ultra High-sensitivity Spark Cutoff System

In controlling high frequency, sparks are a problem that must be confronted head on. Sparks are generated when a high-frequency voltage exceeding the withstand voltage of the material to be heated is applied to that material. Even supposing that metal or other foreign matter is mixed in with that material, damage from sparks that are generated must be kept to a minimum since foreign matter causes sparks. The ultra-high-sensitivity spark cutoff system performs this role.