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Wide range of product lineups to cover many industrial fields
Other heating/drying equipment

Both our high-frequency and microwave equipment is used in many different industries for a variety of purposes.
The products presented here are just an example of our customized equipment developed according to the needs of customers.

Product information

■Heating equipment> A list of heating equipment

Batch Type
(High-frequency dielectric heating and microwave heating)

Our high-frequency/microwave equipment, which promptly and consistently heat objects using various frequencies waves, is presented here.

Conveyor Type
(High-frequency dielectric heating and microwave heating)

The following continuous dielectric heating equipment can heat larger volumes of objects more efficiently using a continuous processing mechanism.

■Dryers> A list of dryers

Batch Type
(High-frequency dielectric heating and microwave heating)

The equipment exerts high-quality drying performance by drying objects from the inside.

Conveyor Type
(High-frequency dielectric heating and microwave heating)

The dielectric drying equipment can efficiently heat large volumes of objects transferred on conveyor belts.

Vacuum type

The equipment exerts high-quality dielectric heating performance to dry objects at a low temperature under reduced pressure.

■Microwaves heating equipment/Dryers> A list of microwave equipment

■ Oscillators (generators)

High-frequency oscillators (generators)

Oscillators with various levels of output using different frequencies, including highly efficient electron-tube-type oscillators with a high output and high-precision, low-output solid-state type oscillators, are presented here.

Microwave oscillators (generators)

Microwave oscillators using 915 and 2,450 MHz and other frequencies are available from our product lineup. High-efficient magnetron types with a high level of output and solid-state types with a sharp spectrum and little frequency variation are presented here.