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High-quality and energy-saving joining and drying in a short period of time  Our wood processing equipment is widely used in the structural engineered wood/furniture industries.

How can efficient and high-quality wood drying and joining be performed without reducing the original color, aroma, and strength of wood? Building materials of laminated lumber, LVL, and CLT which are produced by Yamamoto Vinita's high-frequency dryers and joining devices are used in a variety of industries, including manufacturers of closets, system kitchens, and furniture for offices and stores. Could you please refer to lineup of our produced machines.

Product information

Laminating/CLT Joining Machine

Board Joining Machine PANEX, Upright Laminated and Solid Edge-glued Joining Machine GLUEX, and Vertical-type Laminating Machine VERTILAS are presented here.

Flush Joining Machine

A proven track record in a broad range of products - indoor doors, closets, system kitchen doors, entrance hall storage cabinets, office, store, mail order & ship furniture, low-partition panels, and washroom partitions.

Wood Box/Paper Box Joining Machine

From nailing to gluing, high-frequency wood box gluing equipment responds to the needs of the era and helps produce a variety of boxes consistently while saving energy.

Siding Board Joining Machine

High-frequency Siding Board (Ceramic exterior-wall arris) Joining Machine WALLEX joins objects in a significantly short period of time to ensure the quality of finished products, while saving energy and without damaging their surface coating.

Furniture Joining and Bonding Machine

Our forming equipment: to join wood frameworks for furniture; to adhere edges of wood plates horizontally or vertically to each other; and for gluing of warped laminated single plates.

Wood dryers

It takes time to dry wood using the steam and hot-air drying method, and wood plates may have warps and cracks. High-frequency heating combined with steam and hot-air drying can solve this problem.

Other wood processing machines

Our product lineup of unique and high-performance high-frequency gluing equipment, including techno-guns, irons, and clamps, which can easily be handled, is presented here.