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A New Stage in the Evolution of Yamamoto Vinita Original Technology

Transistor Oscillation Type

This type offers the very highest in high-frequency output control systems. Feedback control for controlling the ideal forwarding wave and reflected wave provides a new dimension of efficiency and welding stability performance.

■Features of Transistor Oscillation Type


The unit is both lightweight and compact. A 100 V power supply also can be used.


The power supply/oscillator module and matching unit/electrode module are connected by a cable so that they can be separated whenever required to create a more flexible layout.

③No Waiting Time

Preheating is not required, allowing the unit to be started immediately.

④Outstanding Maintenance

Transistors with a semi-permanent service life are used.

⑤High-precision, High-efficiency Output

High heating efficiency is ensured since reflective electrical power is suppressed. Direct control of high-frequency electrical power ensures that the target electrical power (heating power) can be repeatedly achieved at high precision.

⑥Spark Control

Welding of products with film or metal objects, which are prone to generate sparks along their periphery, and with moisture-coated film also are possible.

In conventional power control, an electric current flowing in an oscillation circuit is monitored by a matching device. In transistor-type oscillators, a system to control forwarding and reflected waves - new parameters - has been adopted. Forwarding waves refer to the set electric power transmitted from the oscillation unit. Reflected waves are defined as the electric power returned via the matching circuit by the electrode unit. The matching function of the equipment conducts high-speed control of reflected waves to reduce them as much as possible.