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Product Quality
"Sense of security" brought by Yamamoto Vinita, which has acquired ISO9001 and ISO13485 certifications in the field of medical equipment

Yamamoto Vinita, which contributes to the food, automobile, and medical industries, as well as many other industries, through the development and manufacturing of products, places the highest priority on the quality of products to protect the lives of people.

Based on the management philosophy "To create products that fulfill the needs of customers so as to continue to be a reliable company in society", we provide products that customers can rely on and use safely through our company activities in many different fields.

The following are our "Quality Policies".

Quality Policies

  1. We are determined to continue research and technological development, and improve our products to contribute to society.
  2. We ensure quality assurance from development to after-sales service, and provide customers with products that can be used safely and comfortably.
  3. We comply with relevant laws, and provide safe products in accordance with these laws.
  4. We exert efforts toward continuous improvement, so that our established quality management system will continue to effectively function.

Educational activities shall be implemented to inform all employees of Yamamoto Vinita and concerned people of these quality policies.

April 1, 2015
Yamamoto Vinita Co., Ltd.

ISO information

ISO 13485
"ISO 13485" is an international standard to assure the quality of medical equipment.
Certificate number908098
Name of companyYamamoto Vinita Co., Ltd.
Effective dateJuly 29, 2008
Range of certificationThe design, development, production, and sales of hyperthermia equipment, as well as the provision of related services.